Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joy's new dress

I was blog-browsing some time last month and stumbled across this mom's blog where she was talking about a very lovely dress that her daughter didn't want to wear. I thought it was a very lovely dress indeed!

Since I agak-agak her girl is a little older than Joy, I asked her if she wanted to sell it. So I finally met up with her yesterday and closed the deal for the dress.

Joy-Anne happily put it on when we got home. It's a perfect fit. Size 5!!!

Now I have to find an occasion for her to wear it.


  1. I bet Joy-Anne refuse to take out the dress after putting it on! She looks like a cute little princess!!!

  2. nice and lovely! still can wear until she's 4 or 5 years old cos the dress is long.
    wear for birthday party lor..... chinese new year...... christmas also can.... portrait photography

  3. wow, what a lovely dress! and Joy-Anne looks like a pretty princess in it! so sweet... can wear to a wedding too...CY's one... hehe :P

  4. Hello! It fits your daughter so well, and you can let her wear for a few years I guess. Can wear on her birthday, any wedding dinners, CNY, any other kids birthday parties, etc. Why my girl doesn't want to try it at all??!!