Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to School 2010

Joseph went back to school today. Tadika Juara Cerdik has a policy where only new students start on the first day of school. Returning students start a week later. So Joseph got an extra week of school holidays, much to his delight!

He was really unenthusiastic, giving me excuses like I've never been in Bluebell class before and I'm not so sure I want to go to the 5-year-old class.
We found his new class located right next to his former class. He must have got too used to the holidays and was strangly shy this morning. Initially he wouldn't let go of me. He said hi to Teacher Esther very softly. And he didn't want to sit down.

Joy-Anne however was very at home. She happily took Joseph's place while he clung to me.

The class enrollment is slightly larger because they squeezed 4 classes from last year into 3 classes this year. However it all seemed pretty controlled. No crying nor vomitting.

I hope Joseph doesn't make himself the exception. His eyes looked watery and he was almost gonna burst into tears when I said I had to go home. After lots and lots of assurance that I would never leave him behind, he asked me to pray for him before he let me go. When I walked out, he was singing with the class and doing the actions.

I think he'll be alright once he gets into the routine.


  1. no worries, he'll be student of the year again in 11 months. right?
    joy is so cute lah.
    did she ask to stay at school?

  2. So Joy-Anne willingly followed you back?

  3. Joy so cute, she looks like she is one of the student in the class.

  4. no, Joy didn't ask to stay in school and yes, she happily came home. But she doesn't look all that much smaller than the other kids, huh?

  5. is joy wearing joe's sandals in these pictures?
    size 8?

  6. yes she's wearing joe's old pair. I think it's a 9.