Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Joy-Anne's 2nd birthday celebration

We had a very very simple impromptu celebration for Joy-Anne. With WeeLyn's recommendation, we ordered food (more like WeeLyn ordered food) from this lady who runs a home business. We had curry chicken, fried noodles, belacan fried rice and the birthday cake from her. My mum made coleslaw and prepared some sausages. Curry puffs and popiah courtesy of WeeLyn and Tairven who also very kindly let us use their premises and took photographs.

Chan family photo - minus yeeyee and yeeteow on the otherside of the planet

I bought water guns to keep the kids entertained.

Joy played hide and seek with Kim Kim.

She took a strong liking to Kim Kim during this trip to Penang.
Joseph also expressed that he likes Kim Kim because "she's pretty". When I told him that he should tell her if he likes her, he said, "But....she's Ah Ku's wife."
I think he just has a liking for pretty girls.

After dinner, Ah Ku entertained the kids and adults with some tricks.
I guess it's a priviledge to be related to a clown. You get a lifetime supply of entertainment. Simple as it was, we had a good time of food, fellowship and fun. Good friends are such a blessing to have.
Joy will have another (joint-)celebration with Ah Mah and Ah Kong later this month when we celebrate mama's birthday. Two celebrations for a two-year-old-girl!


  1. Joy-Anne is getting cuter, prettier, smarter and adorable.... so lovely!!! :)

  2. are you sure this is a VERY VERY SIMPLE birthday celebration? you have an extensive spread of yummylicious food, birthday cake, clown entertainer, professional photographer and so many guests!

  3. heh heh....really simple. the cake and food was just one phone call to order. the lady delivered it. clown is already there... just do some work. pro photographer lives there.... and all the guests are from just 3 families.