Thursday, January 21, 2010

sling baby, sling.

Tomorrow is the last day for our church 21-day fast and prayer. We've been going to church every morning at 5am! And this is how I carry Joy there.... ...sleeping in my sarong sling. I still have hands free to switch off the lights and lock the door while Daalin carries Joseph (with both hands coz he's 20kg!).

I've had this sarong sling since Joseph was born.
Joseph as a newborn in the sling
I think it's one of the best baby gear I've bought. It keeps baby away from prying fingers, and close and comfy to me.
Joseph at 13 months

When baby is not in the sling, it's also a very useful canopy to keep the bright lights out. (My kids love sleeping in complete darkness! Joe complains if it's not dark enough.)

It doubles up as a shawl to keep warm (in our very cold auditorium in church) when I forget to bring a cardigan.

I've also used it to breastfeed, while walking around shopping malls. It's a life-saver because my babies take a long time to feed. With the sling (and nursing wear), people think baby is sleeping when they are actually feeding.

Besides that, I just love the feeling of closeness with baby and also smelling their hair and the salty smell of sweat around their neck.
At almost 5 years old and 20kg, I can still carry Joseph in the sarong. Even with frequent washing, the cotton is very durable. There are much more choices in the market now in terms of brands, material and designs, compared to 5 years ago. I will certainly miss slinging my babies when they really outgrow the sling.


  1. Good for you and your sling. I invested in one before William was born, from Baby Loft but the maid used it only during the first 6 months of William's life. I tried it on but didn't feel secure or comfy with it. When William had his neck problem, we stopped using the sling altogether, so it's still very brand new. If you know anyone who wants to buy over, buzz me?

  2. have more babies so that you get to use the sling a few more years! hahaha... :P

    i wasnt very successful with the sling when i had rachel. but now with Sam, i use it more... you're right. it's very handy! :)