Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too much cuteness

Now that my princess is 2 years old, she is just overflowing with cuteness! She obeys instructions to pose...
She says things like," I rest a while".

She occasionally lets me tie her hair...

I can't stop wanting to pinch her cheeks and slobber her with kisses!

She puts her fingers to her cheek when we tell her to make a cute face...

And she also wants to do everything by herself. When we want to brush her teeth, she says, "I do by myself."

When I want to dress her, she pulls her pants away and says, "I do by myself." And she really can put it on all by herself!

Now that she complys to sit on the potty, she will even tell me "take my photo!"

The past few nights, she wakes up in the middle of the night, stares at me and calls "mummy...." in the sweetest cutest voice. In the still of the night, it is absolutely the sweetest sound on earth.

If babies are all this cute, I wouldn't mind having a few more :-)


  1. Joseph is jealous, you can tell from the video!!! Or maybe that's just how brother and sister make fun of each other. I never have any brother so I don't know :(

  2. Joy is fat fat... hahaha...

  3. How many more, and when is the next one? You serious??

  4. How many more, and when is the next one? You serious??

  5. i like joy a lot more now that she is fat fat.
    Joe wants equal attention huh?
    one video for joy and one for joe.

  6. hey, did anything come out when joy sat on the potty?
    the pink top looks small on her.
    wehre are the pretty dresses?

  7. ya she's fat! Her tummy is so big!

    pa - dunno how many. next one also dunno. when I know you'll be the first to know.
    In the mean time, Joy has been very clingy and saying, "I'm che che". Maybe it's prophesy!

    che - on that particular occasion, she didn't produce anything in the potty. But other times got pee and shit. Breakthrough!

  8. Yoooooo..... Joy is so adorable.
    Both your kids are cute. So you can have a few more!!!!

  9. joy is a GOOD size. joe is too skinny!