Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 and Happy Birthday KongKong - Hutong Lot10 and Chili's

We greeted the new year in church last night. The evening started with DUMC's 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner at 7pm. It was a mammoth dinner with about 3000 diners. This was followed by Watchnight Service from 9pm till midnight.

The Celebration was a testimony of God's faithfulness. Our hearts well up in thankfulness and gratitude when we look back and see how a church of 22 persons has grown to 3600 in just 30 years.

Both kids fell asleep in church. This morning, they woke up at past 9am. We got them ready and then headed to Lot 10 to the famous new non-halal food court - Hutong. Getting there at about 11am, the place was already fairly crowded. Some stalls had longer queues than others. Thanks to the vouchers courtesy of YTL, we spent about RM20 besides paying RM7 for parking (per entry rate on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). So exorbitant! I know there are cheaper parking rates nearby but with my grandmother's limited mobility and 2 small children, it's more convenient to park inside Lot 10 itself.
I think the food is way over-rated. If not for the vouchers, you wouldn't find me here. The fried oysters were pretty good though. Big and juicy. RM9.90 a plate (before 5% govt tax).

Joseph supporting Ah Chor while she walked slowly

We came home for the kids (and mama) to nap while Nana went to the gym and Daaling went for a swim. When they got up, we got ready to go out again. This time to Midvalley Megamall for dinner at Chili's.

Joseph wanted hotdog and Joy-Anne wanted pizza. Neither ate much of their own food.

They both walloped my smoothie instead.

Ah Ku had tequila-lime fish steak...

Nana had fish and chips but replaced the chips with mashed potatoes.

Mama had grilled salmon. It was good.

Kim Kim had the Quesadilla Explosion...

and Daalin had grilled chicken with portobello mushroom...

I ordered a second smoothie and the kids enjoyed it so much.

Joy had so much fun and was so excited running around that she didn't want to eat at all. When I caught her, she screamed for Nana...

We got a complimentary brownie for the birthday boy. Wish the guys at Chili's could have done the Beetle's When I'm 64...

They ate the brownie like hungry lions ravaging one tiny rabbit...

The total bill came to RM250.10. Since we had RM250 of vouchers, we paid a mere 10sen!
After dinner, we came home. Ah Ku's car arrived first and when I got home, I found Joe very happy on Ah Ku's bike!
I was quite surprised because prior to this, he was too afraid to ride it and would only sit on it with the engine off. Today however, while Ah Ku was giving the engine a warm-up, Joe said, "Ah Ku, how about we take the bike for a spin?". So Ah Ku obliged him and they went for quite a few spins.
Then we came up and cut KongKong's real birthday cake.
This is Kong Kong's birthday cake. French Vanila Millie Crepe from HumbleBeginnings. I only managed to be amongst the second five callers so it was 75% off, at RM15.
I 'wrote' all the words on top myself with chocolate sauce in a plastic bag used as a piping bag. Not too bad huh for a first timer.

I quite like the cake. It's something different. At RM62 for 0.9kg, it is a little pricey. But cheap cakes don't taste good. And good cakes don't come cheap.

But I say that if you're gonna consume the calories, it better be good!
Happy New Year 2010 everyone!


  1. we too just had Chillis for lunch today! we had the same salad that Joanne had & the mushroom jack fajithas. real good. And rachel wallop my chocolate shake just like how your kids walloped your smoothie! hehe.

    glad u liked the cake.. :)

    blessed birthday, uncle Roland! May God continue to shower His abundant blessings on you always!

    blessed new year 2010 to all of you!

  2. The cake looks really good and Happy New Year!

  3. they didn't provide decoration service for the cake???

    agree with you on the food at hutong - nothing to shout about.

  4. Happy Birthday Pa!
    Wish we were there!!!!
    Where's the bday song?

  5. yeeteow wants to know why dentist's children eating so much sweets! LOL! hahaha!!!

  6. why dentist's kids cannot eat sweets meh? they get free treatment anyway wat... :-)

    hw - I didn't ask to deco the cake. The can do deco but I forgot then didn't bother to call again.

  7. i thot you programmed joe not to eat chocolate/candy and drink coca-cola mah...
    so shakes and ice-cream should also be in the "sweets" category lah!

  8. Ah see....that's what you don't know....I always say that ice-cream is the lesser evil. It melts and goes down the throat whereas sweets/candy stay in the mouth for a much longer time.

  9. hey... what did pa and ah mah eat?
    and u did a good job with the cake deco.

  10. pa had country fried chicken. ah mah had a bit of everything.