Friday, July 30, 2010

My Toe - PostOp

I came home from the hospital yesterday after staying 1 night following a minor surgery on my painful toe.

Here's what the doctor pulled out... It's broader at the bottom end.

And this is my toe, post-op.

The nail is narrower permanently because he burnt off the roots (underneath where the stitches are).

I sat up watching the entire procedure which was done under local anesthesia. It was pretty gross watching him cut up my toe and not feeling a thing.

When placed side by side with the other toe, it doesn't look all too obvious I guess. Hmm....maybe I should have him do the left toe to even things out.....


  1. so can STO on your own?

    looks much better after surgery

  2. Ouch... from the picture, I could feel the pain. Get well soon!!!

  3. yup. I told him I'll STO myself and he said, "ok. don't cut your toe again :-) "

  4. what's STO?

    anyway, the photos are gross again.
    good thing u went for the op to fix it, so that next time it wont happen again and we can be spared of the gross pics! hahahaha :P

  5. sto means cut and remove the stitches la... did it yesterday.

  6. are u going to post pics of your toe post-STO?

  7. if you're interested...sure!

  8. so where are the post STO pics?

  9. LOL! Mucho morbid curiosity over a sliced up toe! So do tell, how did it get injured, and how come there's such a big piece of toenail?