Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovely portraits by Grace

I won a free photo shoot with Grace not too long ago. And I'm absolutely loving the results!!!

More photos over at Grace's blog.

Joy was a bit grumpy and didn't want to smile at times.
Very useful to have a clown for a brother - he can make the kids laugh!

Towards the end, she finally decided to smile.

And Ah Ku wanted to have a feel of what it would look like to have kids...

Thanks a million Grace! I absolutely love your work!


  1. Very nice set. Best one, the all-men's shot. You need a good bra for photo-shoots, though.

  2. thank you. But I don't need a good bra. I need more boobs.

  3. No lah, buffafly, more boobies and you'll absolutely rue the day when you turn 85 when they totally surrender to the law of gravity. Incidentally, your grandma is an amazingly youthful and healthy looking 85!!

    -the verbose anon-