Monday, July 12, 2010

Photoshoot at the Rock Garden

What a week it has been! Exactly one week ago, Joseph came home from school with a fever. He recovered the very next day with just paracetamol to control the fever. But the next day, Joy started having a fever and it lasted 5 days.

Two doctor visits, lots of skipped meals and several episodes of vomitting later, she recovered just in time for the photoshoot with Grace this morning. I think she lost about half a kilo and weighed all of 16.2kg on Saturday.

Anyway, we had a lovely time with Grace. I picked the Rock Garden at DreamCenter for the shoot because it's just so convenient. It's small, but that's an advantage because it means my grandmother won't have to walk much. Parking is easy with door-step pick up, wheelchairs right at the entrance and lots of clean toilets. Reuben did some entertaining while Grace worked her magic with my grandmother. We also took some shot with my own camera.

Halfway through, the kids were not very cooperative and Joy was still a bit clingy and whiny which is always the case when she's sick.

So Ah Ku had to work more magic and twist lots of balloons to make them laugh.
The weather was lovely, not that it mattered because it's an indoor garden and we had fans above us...thank God!
So the kids did not sweat too much and my plans for a change of clothes did not materialise.
I so can't wait to see the shots Grace has taken. She gets better by the day!


  1. glad to see the princess still has her bak bak.

  2. where is Rock Garden? We had ours by the Subang Lake. Juz the 4 of us only lar coz my parents lazy to dress up for the shoot.
    Grace really did a good job. I love her shoot!

  3. this RockGarden is in our church - DreamCenter.

  4. I had a great time too! Will be uploading your pics this Wed on the blog!