Monday, July 05, 2010

A Mallow Blasto for Joe

I found this in Joseph's homework pouch today - a Hershey's mallow blasto! He said it's his reward from Teacher Kathleen for getting it all correct in his weekly ejaan.
So this is his second consecutive all-correct ejaan.

Spending time going through his work with him is paying off. But I'm a wee bit puzzled. He only brought home the ejaan results on Friday but he could tell me on Wednesday itself that he got it all correct. Either teacher took a quick look and commended him or he really knows his work and was absolutely confident of what he had written.
It makes him really happy and I don't have to vomit blood anymore.


  1. why is he wearing a sweater/pullover?
    isn't it hot and humid there?

  2. he came home from school with a fever and complain he was feeling cold.

  3. what is the first word? bici? apa tu?
    hope he feels better soon.
    he looked happy!