Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Confidence in Nestle

About three weeks ago, I was out at Giant buying milk for the kids. Nespray was on offer at only RM15.99 per 1kg pack and I thought I would let the kids try it. Prior to this, they have consumed DutchLady, Dumex's Dugro without incidence.

But this time, Joe developed hives after taking Nespray. I don't quite know how to explain his very super itchy experience except that he looked worse than a kera kena belacan.

So I emailed Nestle to ask for a refund. I had another 5 unopened packs and I didn't dare try it on Joy-Anne. Within 24 hours, a nice lady called me and explained that they do not have a cash back policy but would gladly replace the milk with other Nestle products.

She took down the details and a few days later, a guy from Nestle showed up at my doorstep with other Nestle products, amounting to a few ringgit more than the total that I paid for the milk.

I'm quite surprised that Joe seems allergic to Nespray but this incident has not waned my confidence in Nestle. I'm happy with the company's prompt and satisfactory customer service which reflects their commitment to their customers and their confidence in their products.

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  1. Cerelac is nice... i juz started adding it to my girl's milk. :)