Monday, August 02, 2010

La Gomera Spanish Buffet

A friend gave Daalin a voucher for 50% discount at this new place - LaGomera Spanish Buffet Restaurant. I've never been to Neo Damansara so we had to look up a map to get there. (I don't like nor need a GPS!)

Regular price is RM59.90 and RM49.90 if you go from 9.30pm onwards. They open till midnight. There was a decent spread of tapas, salads, stews and also a selection of pizza, pasta and grilled stuff that are cooked to order when you drop clips labelled with your table number into bowls labelled with your selection.

I've never had lobster in my life and to tell you the truth, I still can't tell what it tastes like. Nana on the other hand has never seen scallops still stuck to their shells. She's ever only seen and cooked dried scallops up till now. So fascinated was she that she brought home the shells as a souvenir!

Oysters (fresh or cheese-baked), scallops, salmon, ribeye/sirloin steak, bratwurst etc are available at the cook-to-order counter.
They open at 5.30pm and when we got there at about 5.45pm, the place was still almost deserted. Nobody had started yet on the buffet and we gladly did the 'opening ceremony' for the evening.

However all the tables were fully booked and by the time we left at almost 8pm, the place was really very busy. You would probably have to wait a while for your cook-to-order items to arrive at your table.
I'd say it's worth the money at 50% discount but the thrifty person in me wouldn't pay full price for this.
**You can google other blogs for more info and better pictures.


  1. Nice !!! Voucher can use one time only? Have a nice day :)

  2. Nice !!! Voucher can use one times only? Have a nice days

  3. Nice !!! Voucher can use one times only? Have a nice day. :)

  4. yes, only once. They took the voucher. But I saw leaflets and banners that promote a 'opening promotion of 50% discount till 31 August'. You could call up and ask.

  5. spanish food is my favourite!!! where is Neo Damansara?

  6. a bit past curve/ikea/tesco area. From the LDP (heading AWAY from SS2, TTDI) , at the place where we usually make a u-turn to go home, take a left instead. but be careful coz got 2 left turns. the the second left turn.

  7. so actually the food taste and service ok?