Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Practising Ejaan

Joe has ejaan tests every Wednesday. And each Wednesday, he gets a new set of words for the next Wednesday. So I was practising it with him yesterday and he wanted to draw a picture for each word. He asked me, "What is tahun?" to which I initially answered, "year", but knowing I would have to explain a bit more. So I told him that January to December is one year.

And what he wrote really made me laugh. He repeated it and paused to think before writing each syllable.
I refrained from correcting him halfway because I wanted to see what he could come up with. Maybe my pronounciation wasn't too accurate.

To encourage him to be consistent and also help him to have long term goals (while teaching delaying-gratification), we've told him that when he gets his ejaan all-correct 10 times, he can go shopping for a reward worth RM10. So far, he's got RM3 in his 'pocket'.

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