Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watch out... I bite!

I got home from work today to be surprised by my children - the princess took a bite at her brother's arm!!!

This photo was taken about 5 hours after the incident... According to eye-witness account.... "she pounced on me and bite my arm!"
The victim was very forgiving and did not take revenge, while the culprit confessed and thereafter apologized to the victim with a hug and a kiss.

I'm shocked by how ferocious she is..... someday I'll show this photo to any boy who comes within an arm's length of her.


  1. wah ganas....did the "victim" cry?

    Sam has bitten Rachel a few times already.... is that a trait of a 2nd child? hmm...

  2. no, he didn't cry.

    2nd child trait...hmm....I don't think so coz I never did any such physical harm to my sister. But she did roll me of the bed!!!

  3. yes, yes... off the bed!
    but didn't you bite and break glasses?
    the glasses you drink out of.

  4. yes.... bite and break glasses. That's a feat you didn't emulate :-)