Monday, August 09, 2010

Mothering her BearBear

Joy-Anne has recently developed a strong attachment to this little brown bear. Yes, Yee Yee....that's Conrad that you got for free from Conrad Singapore. She carries it everywhere and says she is the bear's mother. When questioned why mother and not father, she can say that she is a girl and girls grow up to be mothers. (I'm so amazed at this understanding of hers!) She wants to carry her bear in a sarong, just like how I carry her in my sarong sling.

This is so unrelated.... looks like they are feeding a monkey in a tree.
Thanks to Aunty Cathy for the playhouse.

So I made a matching tutu for her bear this morning. She will sing to her bear...

...and dance with her bear...

...she uses the chui kong as bearbear's bath tub...

...and she gives bearbear a bath...

...makes sure bearbear is all clean and dry... bearbear a hug...

...imagine she dresses bearbear...

...and puts bearbear on the bed (the wooden xylophone)...

...then she breastfeeds bearbear!!!

I saw her on the bed, with the bear to her chest a few nights ago and she told me that she is feeding her baby milk from her nen nen. I was surprised speechless! She weaned herself off me at 13 months and more than a year later, she can remember.

I'm just glad she's got her basics right : girl grow up to be mother, boy grow up to be father and babies should be breastfed!!!


  1. hahaha, she's so cute!
    hey you'll be amazed at how much kids can understand at their age!
    rachel breastfeeds her dolly too when i was still breastfeeding Sam!

  2. haha.... i was just gonna post a photo of Marissa 'breastfeeding' her dolly which i took yesterday!


  3. haha, vic was just like that, even still breastfeeding her 3yo Heh Heh! the girls go thru these phase i guess. later she may even wear diapers and clothes for bear bear! : )

  4. lucky bear to have a tutu......

  5. melts my heart to see your girl mimicking the act of breastfeeding. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a good mother one day too :)

  6. Ditto HW. Breastfed will breastfeed.