Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Weekend in Port Dickson & Seremban

It's been a very long weekend which started last Thursday night. We drove back to Seremban to spend a night in AhMah & AhKong's house.
Ah Kong made the kids very happy with ice-cream in cones.

I'm amazed how such a simple thing can bring such huge smiles to their faces.

I let Joseph indulge, since we now find his cough gets better with Herbalife's tea. So he obediently takes the tea after taking cough-inducing foods.

On Friday morning, we drove to Bayu Beach Resort in Port Dickson. It's clean but not quite my cup of tea. On my own, I wouldn't check in here.
We had the very 'talkative' Rev Nicholas Choo (all the way from Singapore) as our camp speaker.
The kids hit the beach in the evening.
This time, Joy was no longer afraid of sand between her toes.

Joseph proceeded to built the sandcastle he had been talking about for weeks.

But a city boy is a city boy and he kept fussing about his sandy hands and wanted to keep washing them.

The next day, they hit the swimming pool and the city boy was certainly much more comfortable.

He's now very daring to jump into the pool unlike some time ago.

We had good fun in the pool. Joe particularly enjoyed playing with Iris che-che. And he had no qualms of splashing his kindy class teacher who was seated by the poolside.

On Sunday, about 40 of us drove to Seremban after checking out, to have Ngau Lam Fun (beef noodles) for lunch.
We went to the Quinn's branch in Kemayan Square. The entire shop was full of just us.
While the rest of the camp went back to KL, we stayed back in Seremban for another night. Daalin drove back to KL early Monday morning to go to work while Nana, the kids and I stayed till evening and then came back my Komuter train. I was quite afraid that the kids would need to pee during the 1hr 20mins-ride but to my relief, Joy pee-ed 3 times between the time she finished her milk, and the time we left home and thereafter stayed dry throughout the journey. Joe also didn't ask to pee. They were both very good in the train. Excited as well.
Today I did a little bit of packing and clearing out junk. Gonna give away stuff that I don't intend to bring to our 'promised land'.

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  1. wah didnt know Herbalife tea works on coughs..