Sunday, August 02, 2009

My cousin's lovely garden wedding

My cousin got married yesterday. It's been quite a while since we had a wedding in the family so it was quite a big deal!
We had to be at my aunty's place by 7.45am to avoid being trapped outside with the groom's entourage.
Joseph woke up really early but Joy got up just in time to get into the car.
I dressed her in her new dress which I 'enhanced' by adding red organza roses I made. I think it looks so much sweeter like this.

We got home at 10am plus and the kids went to bed. I had expected them to sleep till about 3pm but they were awake before 2pm. Must have been super excited.

While my mum and I got ourselves ready, the kids busied themselves by digging in the pockets of my diaper bag. They found Joy's hats and hairbands and put it on.

I 'flew' to Cyberjaya in just 30minutes. We were a bit late in leaving the house and I was afraid we would be late. But we got there in plenty of time.

Purple was the theme colour!

This is the excellent worship team - fantastic job with only 1 practice.

Joy-Anne was very very hyper! She did a lovely job walking the aisle as flowergirl but I don't have any pictures as I was at the back telling her to walk to Nana. I hope the professionals got some good pictures.
And very busy during the marriage solemnization. Here...Albert sprang a surprise on Michelle by singing her a song after the signing.

Joe was really obedient - He sat still for most of the ceremony. And he wore the bow tie all evening. I made the bowtie myself. The shirt is from Domii. Regular retail price = RM99! Unbelievable! Of course I don't pay such prices. I found it on sale and paid only RM14.90. Such great timing too because it was the only decent purple shirt I found in all of Midvalley, and the last piece in his size.

Joy continued to busybody...dressed like a princess, climbing like a tomboy!

I actually had trouble finding a decent dress with purple accents. Everything was either too expensive or too gaudy. So I bought her this dress from Flowergirl in Uptown for RM75 (in size 3!!!) and added the purple sash and butterfly myself.

When Pastor Datuk Kee pronounced Albert and Michelle as husband and wife, she also clapped!

We took some photos after the ceremony, before retreating into the cool of the air-conditioned waiting room.

Once in there, we freshened up and Joy-Anne got changed.

Joe didn't change. I just took off his inner shirt which had soaked up his sweat, wiped his face and he was good to go.

Joe wanted me to take a photo of him holding a flower.

While waiting for the dinner to start, the children ran all over the place...

Joy-Anne would walk up to lots and lots of strangers and just say, "aunty...uncle...".

The dinner was good. Great planning. Lovely entertainment in between the good food.
We were busy taking photos after the dinner and by the time we got home, it was past midnight. The kids fell asleep in the car. We finally got into bed at about 1am. It was a long tiring day. But a very good one. This is probably the best hotel wedding I've ever experienced.


  1. Priscilla's & Reuben's Pop02 August, 2009 19:50

    Two week's time another wedding in the family, my family!! See that young man in red bow tie, and that pretty lady?

  2. What a lovely wedding! :D I just told Sheh Ling on Facebook that I didn't know that you guys were related!! She was my ex secondary school mate from SMDU. What a small world...

    Wow, Reuben is getting married in two weeks? Please send him my best wishes! :D

    - Charlene

  3. Charlene, such a small small world :)

  4. wow lavender theme wedding! so lovely!!

    The mummy looks great too! :)