Monday, August 31, 2009

cousin time in Yong Peng

School holidays have come and gone in the blink of an eye. We started with a busy weekend - Joe's sports day, followed by 3 full days in church for VBS (Vacation Bible School).

The kids are underaged (VBS is for 6-11 year olds) but were there because their father was in charge of worship.
On Tuesday evening, I told Joe that I had to work the next day, and he would be staying at home because it's the school holidays. Joe said, "Let's go to megamall!!!"

Hmm....he must think holiday = kai kai.

So anyway, I explained to him that he had to stay home for 2 days and then on Friday, we would go to Yong Peng.

Mama : Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is...?

Joe : (sings his days of the week song) Monday....Tuesday.... ohh....I know....Wednesday!

Mama : Good....and after wednesday is...?

Joe : (starts singing from the beginning again) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... ahh...Thursday!

Mama : Good! And after that will be...?

Joe : (starts singing again...from the beginning) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,'s Friday!

Mama : Ok...on Friday...we will go to Yong Peng.

Joe : When we go to Yong Peng...have to be very good. Because....Ah Koh is very fierce!

At this point Mama is dumbfounded!

Mama : So at home you don't have to be good? Would you like me to be fierce like Ah Koh?

Joe : No.....I want you to stay just the way you are.

Mama : Why? So you can bully me?

Joe : I can love you!

So anyway... we went to Yong Peng on Friday. The kids napped all the way there and was fully recharged when we arrived. Joseph and Brandon had a good time fighting, playing, bullying each other. Now and then each will complain about the other but overall, I think they had a good time.

Joy-Anne also had a very good time, especially on the bicycle. She went for lots of rides.

She didn't play much with Mabel. We'll have to wait till Mabel toughens up.


  1. Joyce, if you're reading this, do the sandals fit?

  2. Hi Rebecca, I think the sandals will fit in 1 years time for both kids. So, we will just keep it first. Thanks.