Monday, September 07, 2009

new clothes

The kids recently had a wardrobe update. New clothes came from USA and Singapore.

This photo is especially for YeeYee. Joy is wearing a Neiman Marcus (size 4T!) dress (thanks YeeYee & YeeTeow!). Joe's shirt is from Tua Um.
Joe put on his new swimwear this morning. Swim shorts from Melbourne (AUD3) and swim top from Disney Store USA (USD5).

He was so happy and excited. I think the top and bottom match quite well even though they came from different continents on opposite ends of the globe. The shorts also has stripes of the same lime green colour. And both top and bottom have the same flower print.

After the swim and bath, Joy pulled her jeans and put in on all by herself. Joseph could not put on his own pants until he was 3plus. Joy-Anne is only one and a half.

I was so surprised that she managed to put one leg into each hole. Even though the pants went on front to back.

After she pulled it on, she walked to the door and said, "kai kai!"


  1. Marissa loves dressing up as well! She recently managed to 'wear' her brother's tee shirt on one leg like a pair of pants!

  2. "These two photos (the top two) are the best photos of Joy!"
    says yee teow with a huge grin on his face.