Saturday, September 26, 2009

talking too much

Joy-Anne continues to amaze me with her vocabulary. Everyday she says and does something new!

Up till now at 20 months, her speech includes (but not limited to) [ listed verbatim ]

- Selamat Hari Raya
- I want ice-cream.
- I do magic.
- Kor kor naughty
- Cane kor kor
- Play piano first (when she doesn't want to sleep)
- I want to read (snatch book from kor kor)
- Dora go to sleep.
- Happy birthday Ah Ku (singing to the tune)
- Joy-Anne go kai kai.

She can also pray... "Jesus...bless Yee Yee...have baby boy...Amen."

Counting 1 to 20 is not a problem. She knows she lives on "thirteen floor".

She can identify (and say) colour pencils, marker pen, ballpen...

And she sings in tune! Her repertoire currently includes Kher Ren Lai (and the entire day will be "papa pu chai chia"), You are my sunshine, It's's pouring, This Old Man and The B-I-B-L-E.

Of course she knows (and can say) her cartoon characters like Bob (the tomato), Mickey Mouse, Dora, Pocoyo, Lula, Sleepy Bird, Oso, Higglytown Heroes, Handy Manny, Pooh, Darby etc.

And just last night, she did what to me, has been the most jaw-dropping thing....
She climbed on my back (as if for a piggy-back ride) and then put her hand (five fingers together) to my mouth and said, " Go!"

In my biased opinion, she's certainly the most lovable, adorable, cheerful, happy, intelligent (more than Joe at this point!) baby!


  1. how come she prays for baby boy for rebecca? why not baby girl? or rather why not just a baby? boy or girl doesn't matter?

  2. she said baby boy (consistently) on her own initiative. I don't know why... maybe it's prophecy. haha!

  3. yay Joy-Anne!!!
    now can we pls also have pics of adorable and intelligent Joe?

  4. haha! all the playhouse disney's cartoon characters! :)
    the "peanut" part must be from mickey mouse clubhouse! rachel will say "here's a peanut for you..let's sing.. shake,shake the peanut, baby elephant, come down the tree!"

    Joy-Anne is so adorable! :) way to go, Joy-Anne!

  5. ahh....probably la. I'm just so dumb-founded that she thinks I'm her monkey or something...can bribe me with peanut.