Thursday, September 24, 2009

bedtime ritual

We recently started a new bedtime ritual with the kids - bedtime devotion.
They absolutely love it! We sing some songs that they learn in children's church. Papa plays the (real) guitar while Joe will 'play' his own guitar.

Joy-Anne also wants to play kor kor's guitar so we have to convince them to take turns. While waiting, she plays the 'drums' instead.

She's absolutely adorable when she tilts her head and says in a very cute voice, "Now Joy-Anne turn ok??"

After singing, we read some bible stories.... then the kids pray (Joe can now pray like some pastor) and then they go to bed.
I hope this starts them on a lifelong love for God's word.


  1. can the crib hold edwin's and joe's weight?

  2. yes yes....the weight limit is 150kg. that's like TWO edwins plus Joseph.

  3. hey! is joe wearing the mickey pants?
    isn't it too warm for msia??
    is it too long?

  4. yes that's the mickey pants.
    he has not complained about it being I guess it's ok.
    and it's currently the ONLY pants long enough for him to wear to bed. everything else is too short already. comes up to the calf when he bends his legs.

  5. was that the only pants we bought him?
    that's a size 5, right?
    or was it size 6?