Wednesday, September 23, 2009

friends for 20 years

Last night, I had some friends over for dinner. We don't normally have guests so when we do, I spend the day doing a wee bit of spring cleaning and throwing out some garbage.
Pauline is back in the country with her family. So we had to meet up.
Hui-Wearn, Pauline and I were room mates at my very first Scripture Union camp in November 1989. It's been almost 20 years!

Look at us now...

20 years is a long time! I feel so old just thinking about it.

Pauline lives in New Zealand now. We won't have such reunions often. But it was certainly a good time chatting and catching up while the kids played (and fought) together.


  1. If it makes you feel so old (you are only 31!), what does it make me feel? Ancient!! But I know what you mean. Looking at you with the kids, make me feel satisfyingly and proudly old.

  2. Thank God for SU Camps, and thank Mummy for making sure you all attended SU Camps, and thank people like Allan Yong & others who organised SU Camps.

  3. hi! I am Charissa and i posted a comment on one of your blogs earlier. i have a feeling that we might have met 20 years ago...

    my parents are one of the counselors at the SU camp. i go with them every year since i was very small... my dad is Christopher Gan and my mom is Susan Koay. they have served as counselors for many years until few years back... We lived in Penang... My parents are still in Penang and I now in the States..

    i feel like the world is getting so small... I just told my husband that i am so excited to someone else that loved SU camp as much as I did... Cameron Highlands and cold breeze and cold showers at times...

    i would love to be your pen pal if it is okay with you... i do not keep a blog but i do have a facebook account.

    i hope you are as excited i am...
    i hope i am not too bold...