Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my budding artist

This is Joe's art...

This is a party he drew. Those are balloons and birds in the sky.
On the left is Brandon eating a chocolate ice-cream, while Joe is holding a lollipop. I then reminded him that dentist's son cannot eat lollipop, to which he said, "Just hold only. Not eat."

This second picture was supposed to be for Brandon when we went to Yong Peng. Unfortunately it got left in the car boot and came all the way back to KL.
Those are leaves blowing in the wind, Joe is watering the plants and Brandon is flying a kite.

And this one....he drew on the back of a cut-up cardboard box, and then stuck it on the wall to cover Joy-Anne's graffiti.
On the bottom left is his happy family - left to right : Joy-Anne, Papa, Mama, Joseph, Nana.

Finally....this is a 'Get-Well-Soon' card which he made for Brandon.

The inside of the card...
Brandon will get the card tomorrow....hope you like it, Bran!


  1. dentist's son cannot eat lollipop... LOL!

  2. what lovely artwork!!! and i laughed... first time i hear "dentist son cannot eat lollipop"... chocolate can or not?

  3. Nice pictures. All of them have a story line :-)