Tuesday, September 08, 2009

growing on milk...only?

It has been over 3 months since we came back from Melbourne. Joy-Anne is still not eating. She takes about 25-30oz of milk a day. Occasionally, depending on her mood, she eats insignificant amounts of egg, cheese, biscuits, junk food (like mamee), keropok and whatever else we have on the table.

Lately, a few people have commented that Joy-Anne looks a little chubby. I'm tickled by the thought that she appears chubby when she doesn't quite eat. Yet she's bigger, taller and heavier than kids older than her who eat a lot!

Some people ask me what milk she takes. It's no secret - DutchLady123, which is one of the cheapest around. I buy in bulk during sales (RM16.99 per 1.1kg pack. Normal price is about RM25 per pack).

But I guess I shouldn't give all the credit to Dutch Lady for Joy's thriving size.

So here's the secret.... the kids have been taking food supplements from Frontier. Joy-Anne takes one packet of TN-Plus everyday. It's complete nutrition in a packet. We add half a pack into her milk, twice a day.
Joseph also consumes an array of products. They love Multi-V and Nuclex (added with some Ribena).

colostrum to boost their immune system

At 19 months plus, Joy is 84cm tall. If we were to bring her to a certain Japanese buffet restaurant downtown, we'll have to pay RM10++ for her because she is over 80cm in height. Imagine paying RM10++ for her to eat nothing!

And according to some book I read.....Joy is going to be really tall. Taking a very conservative assumption that she grows only 1cm between now and her 2nd birthday, she will be 85cm at 2 years old. Double that and you get her adult height of 170cm!


  1. hmmmm....imagine what would happen if joy loves has no problems with eating?

  2. Grandpa to J and j08 September, 2009 23:41

    You are promoting/advertising Frontier/TN-Plus?

  3. no la not promoting Frontier... just thot Dutch Lady shouldn't be getting all the credit :-)

  4. wht's Joy's current weight?

    hmm...interesting facts. Rachel was about 87-88cm at 2 years old. that means she's going to be really tall too.

    how many times a day does Joy take milk?

  5. haven't weighed her for sometime now but I think got at least 13kg. Drink milk 5 or 6 times a day...depending on her mood. 6oz each time.

  6. lol I weighed in at about 20+ kg when I was 8-10yrs old I think =P