Friday, August 21, 2009

family dinners and horse races

Ah Ku and Kim Kim came back from their short honeymoon (in Cameron Highlands) on Wednesday. We had a family dinner together. Joseph wanted to ride a 'horse'. So we had a 'illegal' horse race. He's not very good at playing fair because he will insist that he wins.

He blocks Joy-Anne so that he gets a headstart.

After that the kids helped Ah Ku and Kim Kim to open some presents.

This is a handmade gift from Ruth and QuanYoung. Ah Ku told me to put this photo up.

Joy wanted to climb the soyabean milk maker.

On Thursday, yee yee dressed Joy in her wedding veil to take photos.

Someday I'll put this photo up on her wedding day :-)
On Thursday, Ah Ku and Kim Kim came over for dinner again. This time we remembered to take a photo.

And then we had another illegal horse race.

I think Joe is gonna miss this 'horse' when the horse goes home today.
It'll be quite some time before we have another family dinner and more horse races.

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  1. So much fun and so much surprise the kids had.

    They must enjoyed in the gathering

    From Jess