Thursday, August 06, 2009

Christmas in August

Santa Clause landed at KLIA early Monday morning. The flight was on time even though it departed Stockholm 30minutes late.

I'm not quite sure how 4 huge bags, each weighing 50lbs, fit into my tiny Proton Iswara. Nevertheless, all Santa's presents arrived intact. Thank God!
Plenty of clothes at dirt cheap prices e.g. Banana Republic t-shirt (genuine one ahh...) for USD3. There's also toys and books everywhere. I had to clean out Joy-Anne's wardrobe to make way for new (some hand-me-down but look like new) and bigger clothes. Now her drawer is full of Gymboree size 3 years clothes. Thanks Aunty Yinfern for Josie's clothes.

Joseph is currently most in love with his new Black Mack.

He gave Yee Yee big hugs and said "I miss you so much". Coz he's certainly enjoying the new stuff and going kai kai when Yee Yee is back.


  1. wah your kids are definitely so blessed! :)
    eh, rebecca wants godson & goddaugther or not? we volunteer our kids! :P:P

  2. Priscilla's Pop07 August, 2009 10:10

    That is one very happy boy. Smiling from ear to ear.