Saturday, August 22, 2009

YeeTeow's last day in Malaysia

Friday morning I took YeeYee and YeeTeow to 1-Utama. We walked around and then YeeTeow had his ice-kacang fix.
We spent most of the day there...while Joy-Anne slept in her stroller, I had a free massage on a RM23K Osim chair and fell asleep momentarily too. YeeYee and YeeTeow went to get a foot reflexology massage.
In the afternoon, we went home to get Joe, and then went to Ah Ku's office.

Before YeeTeow left, I had to ensure I got a photo of my clientele. For barber services that is.
They all look so handsome, don't they?

Before putting the kids to bed, YeeTeow and YeeYee said their goodbyes.

Joy has grown so much since her last goodbye with YeeTeow.

YeeTeow looks all ready for fatherhood don't you think?

Joe also covered them with slobbery kisses...

Joe understands that they have gone back to Philadelphia. But as for Joy...this morning, she asked me, "YeeYee where?"
Thank you YeeYee and YeeTeow for all the lovely stuff you brought back. Hope you had a wonderful time here.


  1. we definitely had a wonderful time there!! yeeteow is still talking about the food.
    i miss JOE and JOY!

  2. hey do you get paid to be the model on the banner?

  3. hey do you get paid to be the model on the banner?

  4. the food???? all yee teow said was, "it's ok" and the occasional "pretty good" hahahaa...

    and nope, we don't get paid to be model.

  5. Those few days we had together as an entire family (with my 3 children & their spouse, and my 2 grandkids) have been awesome. Reuben & Joanne's marriage brought us all together for some precious rare moments. Wonder when we will all get together again.

  6. my dream family vacation: disneyworld!!
    start saving money.