Wednesday, August 19, 2009

outings with YeeYee & YeeTeow

Monday - we went to Midvalley Megamall after fetching Joseph from school. YeeTeow wanted to bring us to this taiwanese restaurant that is supposedly world-famous for siau long pau.
We had 6 trays of siau long pau (total of 60 paus) for 6 adults.

It was good but pricey. Good thing USD paid.

Joy-Anne slept for 2 hours while we ate. She woke up in ToysRUs.

Then we went for tea. YeeYee bought a chocolate-covered doughnut from BigApple for Joseph. RM2.20 for a doughnut! But YeeYee says she has never seen BigApple doughnuts in the Big Apple (New York)!!!

Joseph also wanted the yummy porridge from the Yoo!tiow stall. Joy also ate some porridge.

I think she looked very pretty and grown-up in her new dress from USA. Size 4T!

After a whole day out, Joseph fell asleep in the car, even before we got out of the Megamall car park. He slept on even when I took him out of the car and into the stroller.

Tuesday - YeeYee and YeeTeow roamed KLCC by themselves.

Wednesday - mama took leave to be cab driver for a day. We went to Ikea/Ikano/Curve/Tesco.

Joy-Anne dozed off at 12.15pm and slept in her stroller for 2.5 hours.

After she woke up, she didn't want to drink her milk.

She found a soft toy football which she clung onto.

She didn't want to put it back and YeeTeow tried hard to pry it from her.

She pulled it far from YeeTeow....

Then she shed crocodile tears so YeeTeow had to give it back to her.

Finally mama got it away from her by exchanging the ball for the photo frames that mama intended to buy.

Then we went to Tesco to get food...

Joy played with YeeTeow's nose...

And then he fed her doughnut because she still didn't want to drink her milk.

We got home at almost 6pm. Just in time for Joy-Anne to do her big business. She's a very good baby.....hardly ever poos when we're out.

And then she kept washing her hands.....obsessive compulsive disorder???

She can push the stool to the sink, climb up and switch the tap on all by herself!

And then she pumps the soap and washes her own hands....all by herself!

YeeYee is trying to test YeeTeow's child-minding skills....

She says he has to pass her 'tests' before they can have kids.
I hope he passes by tomorrow because they leave on Friday.

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  1. Name of restaurant with delicious siew loong pau = Din Tai Fung.
    Evan loves big apple's doughnuts. Btw Krispy Kreme's doughnuts cost RM2.70 each!