Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joe's first Sports Day

Yesterday morning, we got up early to go to YukChai school for Joe's sports day. Joe was the first from his class to arrive. Teacher Hong Hong had asked for help from ChildrenChurch leaders so we availed ourselves. She asked us to be there by 7.30am but in the end, didn't require us to do anything because they got enough teenagers to help out.

The event started promptly with a march past.
The kids then assembled in the field while Mrs Cynthia Ngui, Pr Margaret and Pr Daniel gave their speeches.

Joy-Anne enjoyed posing for Mei Ling, one of the official photographers.

We participated in one of the parent games.

Joy also ran around....very busy body.

Joseph's event was the second last. He waited very patiently for his turn.

He had to fish with a chopstick and then run to drop it into the 'shark' mouth at the end. He dropped his fish twice.

I told him it was long as he did his best. All in good fun.

He got his medal from Pr Mike. Pr Mike is Mrs Cynthia (the principal)'s hubby.

Later, Joe told me "Mama....I want to give the medal to you. Because you are so good to me".
I asked him if he had fun and he said he did.
It was a good day even with the slight shower which only served to cool the weather.

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