Tuesday, July 03, 2012

June at a glance

And just like that...2012 is half gone!

Nana, KongKong, Ah Ku, KimKim and Breanne were away in USA for 4 weeks. The house was unusually quiet and the electricity bill dropped by about RM30. We did some minor renovations, installing built-in cupboards in 3 rooms. Cleaning up after that was tough but Daalin and I managed that while taking care of 3 kids without extra help.

I cooked, cleaned, washed and worked 3 days in clinic. Isabel was a good baby and Joseph was a good helper and babysitter.

We went back to Seremban over the Father's Day weekend to celebrate Ah Kong's birthday and Father's Day.

It was a very nice dinner at a nice restaurant where Ah Kong booked a private dining room that had an attached bathroom and karaoke - atas enough for Joy! The kids had a really good time singing and dancing.

I dressed the girls in similar dresses made by Ah Mah.

17 June 2012 marked Daalin's 10th year anniversary with Monash. I brought the kids and balloons to office to surprise him. God is good. In the last 10 years, he has risen from a fresh postgrad to Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School, with an excellent track record in teaching and research. I am so proud of him.

Most days Isabel likes to sleep like this. I should be thankful she's petite - only 7.2kg at almost 8 months. I cherish the moments but there's laundry to fold, food to cook, joseph's homework to check on and etc etc etc...

She's a very happy baby - hardly cries, even when she bumps her head.

Though she's deprived of my full attention, she benefits from the love of her older siblings.

...and she's got a peer for company and for fighting :-)

The rest of the year looks exciting... we've got trips planned..Leaders' Advance, my clinic holiday, our10th anniversary honeymoon, the boys' kelong trip, a Gan family reunion, Daalin's mission trip to Cambodia and not forgetting Isabel's first birthday!


  1. Isabel looks a lot like her paternal grandma, I wonder if anyone else have the same observation? And how is Joseph coping with school? In that sleeping picture, you look so much thinner... Guess no need the treadmill for the time being. Cambodian mission trip fr Edwin? : )

  2. Hmm....so far everybody says Isabel looks like Joseph and Edwin. Joseph.... Teacher says the only time she hears his voice is when he says 老师我要去廁所.

  3. LOL at 老师我要去廁所. Not bad at all, you can type in Chinese :-) Isn't Joe quite talkative? Why is he so shy in school?

  4. I had to look up dictionary to type those Chinese words! He's afraid ppl will laugh at him speaking Chinese....not realizing that most are as banana as him. But he's much better now. He can say 我是华人。我的妹妹是香焦人。