Sunday, July 08, 2012

JKids @ Paradigm Mall

My kids love indoor gyms. Which kid doesn't?

Almost 3 months ago, we bought a multi-visit pass at JKids @ Tropicana City Mall. Since the pass expires in a few days, we brought the kids to check out the new branch at the new Paradigm Mall.
 Same entrance fees apply as the other branches in Tropicana City Mall and The Curve.
We got there early at 10am right when it opened and that was good because later on, it got really really crowded.
Isabel played for a short while and I guess it's sometimes good to be petite because she was not charged even though fees apply for babies 6 months onwards.
I carried her in the sarong sling and the JKids staff didn't even stop to ask how old she is. Good things come in small packages!
After 3 hours of jumping and running around, they obediently came out and we had a lunch at Sushi Zanmai - Soft Shell Crab Don is on promotion for only RM11.80 this week!
This branch at Paradigm Mall is bigger than the 2 sister outlets. It can cater to 3 parties simultaneously. In my humble opinion, Adventure Zone in Penang is still the best indoor gym around. Those slides are really unbeatable!!!


  1. u slide down the slide with Isabel in the sling? wasn't she afraid?

    Adventure Zone - yes the slides are unbeatable but quite scary ler! esp the 90 degree slides.

  2. Isabel enjoyed it! Anyway this slides not very high la...what you see in the pic is just about it.
    Adventure zone - we liked the slides that you slide down in the gunny sack! The 90degree one is also too scary for me.