Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday dinner at The Hungry Hog

I've been wanting to visit The Hungry Hog for a while now and finally had the chance today.
Tua Pek was in town for the MTV concert last night and we met up for a porkelicious dinner today since the hog is just around the corner from his hotel.

Daalin opted for the Bacon Pasta - it's Aglio Olio style. Very nice (especially if you like cili padi) with a generous amount of bacon (not so visible in the photo because most has sunk to the bottom).

We ordered a side of siew yoke. I couldn't quite make out what the dipping sauce was but it did go really well with the siew yoke.

Tropical Salad... this had a very nice tangy dressing.

I opted for the signature burger - 3 Little Pigs. Joseph wasted no time in swiping the bacon from my burger.

Joseph had bangers and mash. I had to eat up the caramelized onions and salad for him. Yummy.

Isabel played with french fries. She's currently eating small amounts - it doesn't take a lot to fill up her tank.

No visit to the Hungry Hog is complete without some keropork. That's right - keroPORK! It's fried pig skin! You dip it in the vinegar that comes with it. Good - but it has to be shared. tummy is happy after a porky-licking-good dinner...
We had gelato for dessert at Patisfrance in USJ Taipan. Now it's off to bed with all that yummy in my tummy!

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  1. You found the Hungry Hog! We've been there a few times a few months back, discovered by my FIL who loooovvveess anything pork! The owner is an engineering graduate, humble guy who decided to follow his passion instead of joining the rat race. I love the keroPORK and 3 little pigs. Hhhmm... now thinking of going there since haven't visit for sometime