Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rainbow dresses for my princesses

I sewed for my princesses! I can sew!!!
I surprise even myself!
Joy was absolutely delighted and couldn't stop twirling in her new rainbow dress!
It really was a LOT of work because of the many tiers and also because the only sewing machine I have access to is a century-old antique hand-crank one that looks something like this...
I did all my research online, reading many many tutorials (while feeding Isabel to sleep at nights) and then measured the girls, drew my own patterns and sewed everything from scratch.
And I discovered elastic thread!!!'s a wonderful invention that gives maximum results with minimum effort.
Joseph doesn't want to be left out and he's asked me to do something rainbow-ish for him too. I'm thinking of a vest...stay tuned!


  1. super!
    can't wait to see Joseph's multi-colored coat!

  2. Yes yes, like in the Bible..Joseph also had a special multi-colred coat from Jacob.