Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visiting the Hog again

Today marks our 12th courting anniversary.

I know...married people don't usually remember these anniversaries. But my dear daalin will not let me forget it because he actually asked me to be his girlfriend on 20th July 2000 and I told him to wait 6 months!

Then 2 days later, we were having dinner at wai sek kai SS2 when we bumped into one of my juniors who asked "boyfriend ah?" to which I very very quickly answered "NO!!!"

After that I felt really bad and so agreed to be his girlfriend on 22nd July 2000.

So here we are now 12 years later...
 Feeling piggish, we decided to go back to The Hungry Hog. This time, we had the ribs...
I counted a total of 6 very meaty ribs with super tender succulent juicy meat that falls off the bone effortlessly.

Daalin and I also shared an iPork burger. Nice.

Joy had keropork with her bring-from-home-salmon-porridge.

Joseph studied the menu and then declared, :I'll have the Humpty Dumpty".

It's fried egg (with a gooey runny yolk), streaky bacon and cheese.

 I'm surprised we polished off everything...


  1. Hmm...I'm curious to know why you wanted to make him wait six months :-)

  2. Because 来的快去的也快:-)