Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Sunday

What a day it's been!
The kids woke up at 6am!!!

Yes, you read that right....6am on a Sunday morning to hike up Gasing Hill. Daalin took Joe and Joy while I stayed in dreamland with Isabel. Unfortunately he forgot the camera. Nevertheless the had a very good father-and-children hike followed by roti telur breakfast. I'm surprised that Joy enjoyed the one-hour hike and am rather proud of her.

They got home at 9.15am and after a rest, went for a swim.
 Isabel joined them for a short while, much to Joe and Joy's delight
 They so so enjoyed tugging her along in her boat.
And after a good afternoon nap to recharge their batteries, we went back to the hog and had yummy gelato again. But that's another post.

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