Monday, June 04, 2012

Brave Cupcakes

We were at Sunway Pyramid yesterday for Joe and Joy to attend a Cupcake Workshop organized by Sunway Pyramid, sponsored by Cupcake Chic. in conjuction with the upcoming Disney Pixar movie "Brave".

Isabel is too young for cupcakes... but not for Starbucks :-)

There people from Cupcake Chic gave a brief introduction about the movie and demonstrated some cupcake decoration method.

Then the kids got to decorate their own cupcakes. Two cupcakes per kid.

I didn't help them at all, not that they would have let me.

Joseph was very very focused. Now if only he could be this focused when it came to homework and revision.

After the deco, they each got a Cupcake Chic box to take their cupcakes home.
When we got home, the icing went straight into the bin. As for the cupcakes...I tried one cupcake, Joy ate half of another one. With such expensive retail prices, I had expected them to taste heavenly. Frankly, I was rather disappointed. Hui Wearn makes much better cupcakes.


  1. heheh... thanks for the compliments! I guess mine tastes better because I use quality ingredients.

  2. Yours were a lot softer and moist! Had the melt in your mouth yumminess!

  3. Actually all these expensive cupcakes/cakes are way overrated. I guess most of the cost goes to the decoration...but hey, HW is awesome in fondant too :-)