Monday, November 22, 2010

Milk tooth extraction at home

Joe lost his first milk tooth today. I had noticed it shaking a couple of weeks back and was hoping it would stay at least until after his concert. Well it did. But in the last few days, I found he could tilt it forward up to almost 90degrees. So I suggested removing it to avoid him swallowing it.

Here's how a dentist does it at home.

Get some dental floss. Be generous - make it long enough.

Tie one end around the shaky tooth. It's quite tricky with the smooth satin floss.

Here's the last picture of the tooth still in the mouth.

Tie the other end of the floss to a door knob. I let Joe pick which door he liked and he picked the bedroom door.

And this is how you do it...

He felt a pinch kind of pain at the split second when the tooth came out. But by the time he actually felt any pain, the tooth was already out.

I asked him if it was painful and he said "just a little bit" but he is game to do it again when the next tooth shakes.
This is indeed a milestone - my firstborn's losing his first milk tooth.

I'm so proud of him. But no, the tooth fairy does not live in this house.


  1. I don't think J will swallow the loose tooth. it would very likely just fall off without any intervention.

    Anyway, the DIY option looks kinda fun.

  2. Joe certainly looked like he was having fun slamming the door :-) Looks kinda scary to me leh.