Friday, November 05, 2010

Joe's First Hospital Stay

I was at work yesterday when Daalin alerted me that Joe came home from school looking very lethargic and went straight to bed without taking his lunch.

A while later, Nana called to say Joe had a high fever. While I usually wouldn't panic because he has a fever ever so often, this time I decided to go straight home to check on him.

He looked unusually tired so I took him to Pantai Hospital because his two other usual paeds were closed at that hour.

We saw Dr Azam - a paediatrician Joe had seen before a couple of years back. Long story short, I decided to have him admitted so that antibiotics could be administered intravenously. The paediatric ward was a full house so they put him in the adult ward next door. And because it's an adult ward, we got a single room while paying for a 4-bedded room.

Joe was really brave when the needle went in. He said it hurt just a little bit.

He wasn't too happy at first but cheered up after Daalin promised him a reward of a piece of strawberry marshmallow cheesecake.

While Daalin sat with him in the hospital, I went home get a shower and Joe's dinner.

He didn't eat the hospital dinner which wasn't too bad.

Then Daalin went home to get a shower and also bring Nana & Joy-Anne & Kong Kong for a visit. Joe was getting restless while waiting for them. I think he missed his sister a lot.

So I kept him busy with some games on the computer. He could play with both hands. Even the wrapped up one.

Then his reward arrived and he happily ate. No more vomitting. And he was much better after the first dose of antibiotics went in.

While KongKong, Nana and Daalin watched tv (only in single room) for the by-election results, Joe played his computer games and Joy jumped around the bed.

This morning Joe was much more alert and happy. Thank God Dr Azam allowed him to be discharged even though he wanted to keep Joe for another day. But Joe was getting really restless. I think he might have broken the bed if we stayed another day.

So he's got to continue on his antibiotics orally. The recovery might be a bit slower but at least he's at home.


  1. glad to hear Joe is back home. hope he's feeling better!
    what was the cause of his fever that landed him in hospital?

  2. Same question as tairvlyn. What was the diagnosis?

  3. ohh...forgot to answer.... dr said tonsillitis.