Monday, November 15, 2010

Joseph's First Concert

Joe much-anticipated-First Concert finally happened last night. He had been practising it at home when he thought no one was looking but refused to dance for me. In fact, until Saturday he told me, "The concert day is very near already. You just have to be patient for one more day".
Yesterday evening, in spite of the very heavy rain, we made our way to DreamCentre at 5pm. The children had dinner in ther classrooms while parents had dinner in the Sports Hall.
After I helped Joe's classmates to touch up on their make up, I made my way upstairs where I found Joy-Anne pining for her brother.

She kept saying, "I want my brother.....I want my brother..."

After Negaraku, speeches by Pr Daniel and Teacher Stephanie, the curtains went up to reveal a most impressive backdrop.

Joe's item was the first one - Colours of Malaysia, to the tune of Siti Nurhaliza'z Warna Warna Malaysia.
The costumes were all really colourful and beautiful. Sure looked good on stage!
I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching all the dances. The children were all very good and they danced so very well.

After the concert, Joe got a photo with his classmate, Miss C - she danced really well too.
This costume will be recycled for Chinese New Year next year. Joy wants me to "please please pretty please buy me a pink costume".
In the mean time, he'll get to wear it again on Friday at their year-end party.


  1. er.... what is the theme for the year end party???

  2. no theme. everybody just wear back the concert costume.