Monday, November 01, 2010

Papa's Birthday Celebration

Joseph says :

Today is my Papa's birthday. It's a Monday, and I have to go to school. Mama says today is the start of my exam week. But I've no idea what that is. She did ask me, "What is exam?" and I answered her very honestly, "I don't know!!!"

So we celebrated Papa's birthday last night. Nana and KongKong lugged this huge jackfruit all the way back from Penang. It's even bigger than both our heads put together!
We also cooked a whole fish caught from Pastor Nancy's pond.

And we had TWO cakes for about the price of one.
On our left is the French Vanilla Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings at 50% off and on our right is a White Chocolate Cake from Raspberry Cake House, covered in fresh cream which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nana fried some noodles which went very well with the rendang (too spicy for me) that mama bought. Pizza is our standard birthday fare. And Nana made fruit salad instead of coleslaw this time.
This is us....simple home-cooked food in our comfy messy home.
After all the eating, Joy-Anne and I put on a show for the grown-ups. They said it was a very good show. I'm sure it was because they all laughed a lot and clapped really loud. Mama was so impressed and I told her I had rehearsed the show with my sister.

Mama says we have to do it again so that she can video it up for Yee Yee to see (and laugh).

Tonight, Papa and Mama are going out for their husband and wife time and also to celebrate their wedding anniversary which falls tomorrow. Sometimes I want to go out with them. But I understand that they need some time on their own so that they can be good Papa and Mama to Joy-Anne and me.
Happy Birthday Papa....I love you very much!

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