Friday, November 19, 2010

Year-end Party and no lollipops!

Today is Joe's last day in his 5-yr-old class. My baby has only one more year in kindy before moving on to primary school! The kindy had the usual last-day-of-school-party.
When we got home, Joy also wanted to wear a costume.

I thought it was very nice of his teachers to give out little gifts to all the students. In his right hand is a present from Teacher Suet Ling and the other hand is holding the present from Teacher Kathleen.
Teacher Suet Ling is his class teacher. But because Teacher Kathleen (Lily class) can't teach Mandarin, they swap classes i.e. Teacher Suet Ling will teach Lily class mandarin while Teacher Kathleen teaches Bluebell class Bahasa Malaysia.

A lot of the food stuff that the kids brought were not eaten there but teacher packed it up into a party pack. So when Joe got home, his sister rummaged through his party pack.

I'm proud of my children. They have learnt well.

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