Thursday, December 02, 2010

Splash Park @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

I found a better alternative to the Water Play at Singapore Zoo.
This Splash Park located on Level 3 of Sembawang Shopping Centre is FREE!

The dry playground is open mall hours but water play operates 11am-2pm and 5-8pm. It's not as elaborate as the Water Play at the Zoo but I'm not paying $12 per kid and $18 per adult just for them to run around the water play area for an hour.

The kids had a blast running through all that shooting water from the contraptions and sliding down super fast when their butts are wet.

There's no shallow pool so it's actually more hygenic since there are people who go into these water play fully clothed in their regular clothes and just soak in there.

We had lunch at the food court and then Joe had a ride in Uncle Nick's car with the sun roof.

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