Saturday, December 04, 2010

Singapore in December

We just got back from a short break to Singapore.

Joseph had a wonderful time with his brothers.

They had pillow fights in the attic.

We took a drive down Orchard Road.... this is the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree.

The decorations are not as elaborate as in previous years.

I particularly enjoyed the black pork ramen at Tampopo (Ngee Ann City). It's a specialty at this restaurant and the crowd and queue outside means it's really good.

I forgot to take pictures of the food though.

Joseph and Brandon thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Walking with Dinosaurs live show. He promised me he would not hide under the chair if he was afraid and he kept his word. Brandon was very mature and told us the dinosaurs were all robots. Daalin said the show was worth every bit of the S$41 that the ticket cost.

After the dino show, we met up at Raffles City Shopping Centre where there was a live Dora show.

Joy was very excited...

Even though there was a galore of Dora merchandise, she did not bug me to buy anything but was content to just take photos.

I explained to her that the seating area was only for children and mummys and daddys had to stay behind.

So when the show started, she went up front and sat with the other children, all by herself.
And she actively participated in the singing and dancing with actions, not even looking back to check on my presence.
I was rather surprised, and felt redundant of course.
The bigger boys found Dora too boring and went to check out some book shop.

After dinner at Shokudo (it's like Marche, but japanese), we took a drive down Orchard Road...

I stuck my head out the sun roof to take some photos.

We also drove past the Singapore Flyer...

...and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is really really huge!

While the holiday in Singapore was good, the return to Malaysia was horrendous. We inched out way for 2 hours to cover just 500m to the immigration & customs checkpoint in Johor.

I had planned to have lunch at 12noon in Yong Peng but we didn't arrive in Yong Peng till 2.30pm! The children finished all the bread and biscuits and every tiny bit of food I had in the car.

Back home safe and sound, Joe is having a wee bit of a hangover. He says he misses his brothers and wants to sleep with them in the attic. I guess he has to wait till Chinese New Year to 'camp' in the living room with them. Unless Tua Pek and Tua Um wants to adopt him....

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