Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Nana goes to USA

Nana left for USA last night. The night before, we all went to TGIF for dinner. Fried mozarella is pretty yummy.

And rather fun to eat.

See how long you can pull the cheese...

I know Nana will get a lot more yummy American food in USA but we just wanted to give her a treat because she has been working so hard taking care of my kids and helping me pack up the house, in particular the kitchen.

The Salmon Pasta I ordered for Nana was pretty good. Daalin and I shared the Sizzling Chicken and Cheese.

So we were all at KLIA last night.
After check-in, we had a bite at McDonalds and then took some photos...

This is the closest the get to a snowman for now.

Joy put her head in here and said, "Christmas is not about presents!"

I also had fun riding on the trolley with the kids. The 'Anjung Tinjau' is quite deserted with a long hallway :-)
The kids prayed for Nana before she walked to the gate. I could see Joy was controlling herself because she had this really serious look. I know they'll miss Nana and Joe says he'll miss her yummy food. But time flies so it won't be long.

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