Sunday, August 24, 2008

More wedding photos

I've been busy the past week....hence no updates. Here are some more photos courtesy of YinFern Lu, my sister's new sister-in-law. We're still waiting for the pictures from the paid professional photographer.

My dad officiating the wedding...

New 'chan-ka'...

Cutting their lilikoi (passion fruit) wedding cake. It's not a for-show cake. They actually cut it up and serve to all the guests.

My grandma is very happy to have her prayers last!

A rare couple pic of ourselves...don't look thatttttt much older from 6 years ago I hope.

Page boy at rehersal... wearing new 100% cotton Tommy Hilfiger shirt courtesy of Rebecca's mum-in-law. this the right woman for me...?

My little prince charming and I

The personalized ring pillow I handmade....

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