Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hawaii - Day 10 : Hanauma Bay

We didn't take photos yesterday. It was spent at the mall....again. We went there to do some more shopping and for Rebecca to get her make-up consultation.
Today, we went to the famous Hanauma Bay - best place in Hawaii for snorkelling. Hanauma Bay is what used to be the crater of an extinct volcano. Part of the crater wall collapsed allowing the sea in.
The place is really beautiful and the water crystal clear. The sun however is way too hot for us. I made sure I covered myself and the kids in sunblock. (But I forgot about the part of my back which I couldn't reach and it's kinda sunburnt now....ouch!)

Rebecca's idea of a day at the beach....hiding under the umbrella.

Joe enjoyed himself very much digging in the sand and splashing in the sea. He even let me bury him in the sand. This is quite an achievement considering he previously did not want to get his feet in the sand.

Joe's daddy would have loved to be here building sandcastles with him. We'll have to do this again another time. Too bad the beaches back home are so dirty.

Tired...but happy!

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