Tuesday, August 26, 2008

after hawaii

After we came back from hawaii, it took the kids a week to adjust back to Malaysian time. The first few days, Joy-Anne was pooping at 3-4am and Joe was waking up at 4-5 am. It was many sleepless nights for us. Then the following week, my mum and Edwin were busy with DUMC's Vacation Bible School. Which makes me busy as well because I had to get off work to stay home with the kids.
My 3-yr-old can roll his tongue. I can't.
Then my dad came down over from Penang over last weekend. They had a good one-night stay at The Saujana. Joe joined them for buffet breakfast on Monday morning. He enjoyed the egg station. After checking out, we made our way to Midvalley Megamall for some errands - print photo, collect $$ at post office etc.

watching over my sister so that nobody steals her away

At night, we went to Izzi for a 3-in-one celebration....my parents' 35th wedding anniversary, Joanne's convocation and Edwin's PVC Excellence in Research award.

oops...polished off all the food already

Ah Ku came from work and didn't bring his magic tricks so this is how he entertained Joe.

Other updates.....Joe finally let me clean his ear. I've been able to see a huge chunk of ear wax in his auditory canal for ages but he wouldn't let me clean it. He held still for like a few seconds and I managed to get this out....

five sen coin for comparison of size. the black piece came out after the 'gold' came out.

Then... for weaning himself off the potty and obediently pooping in the toilet, he got Scoop as a reward. (that's the yellow bulldozer from Bob and the Builder for those unfamiliar with kids toys). Joe 'bought' the VW bus and fire engine from DUMC's children church gift shop day using the points he accumulated.

And as for Joy-Anne....she's gaining weight really slowly. Depending on her mood, she eats a lot or none at all. I think she's growing taller faster than she's putting on weight. What to do...they are Edwin's kids and will most likely grow up thin and tall like him.

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  1. evan can roll his tongue too like his daddy but i can't. joy-anne been pretty active so not much weight gain i guess. but she's definitely growing well!