Friday, August 08, 2008

Hawaii - last days

After the wedding on Thursday, Joe was happy to hit the beach again. This time at the calm waters of the Hilton Hawaiian Village's lagoon.

He really enjoyed pushing his new dump truck and bulldozer in the sand.

On Friday, we spent the earlier part of the day in the mall....yes, again. Joe liked The Disney Store very much. It's amazing how the shop people here leave you to enjoy their store without hovering over you (like how they do back home in Malaysia). You can do what you like with all their soft toys and nobody bother you.
Too bad I earn measly Ringgit. The plush toys are so adorable. There was a set of Handy Manny's tools and also the Little Einstein friends, and Darby and Buster etc...
At the Jungle Fun shop, Joe enjoyed bossing his sister around. He said, "Put Joy-Anne here", pointing to the seat next to him.
In the evening when the sun was less hot (and after the kids had a good nap while enjoying the air-conditioning at Barnes & Nobles [it's a book Borders] ) we took a walk along the shore line.

Waikiki is the land of ABC Stores and limosines

After all you can't come to Waikiki, stay almost 3 weeks and NOT see Waikiki Beach, right?
This is Joe's first time seeing boats at a marina.

The lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Further down the beach, the sun started to set.

We made our way back towards the Hilton where our day ended with the fireworks display. Joe loved it! It's been 3 weeks of many 'firsts' for Joe. First time watching fireworks, first time at a marina, first time as a page boy, first time at a zoo....he's learnt so much. It's certainly been a good holiday.....I kinda dread going back to work :-)

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