Friday, August 08, 2008

BTR no more

Today is the day! Uncle Danny's bestman told us that Uncle Danny used to say he's a BTR - Bachelor Till Rapture. Today he's officially been kicked out of the Bachelor's Club.

We had a rehersal yesterday, followed by dinner at the Rainbow Lanai.

And today...Yee yee and Uncle Danny (now I'm supposed to call him Yee Teow) tied the knot at the Ocean Crystal Chapel at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

I got to be the page boy.....and boy, did I look good. Mummy kept saying I look so handsome today.

I smiled my way down the aisle.

After the short and sweet ceremony, we adjorned to the Rainbow Suite III for the reception. I didn't eat much because I was more interested in running and jumping around and watching Ah Ku do his magic.

Some people say that after the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Ring comes the SuffeRing but Uncle Danny looks pretty happy.
I'm pretty happy too. Check out my new girlfriend....
Pretty, eh?
Yee yee looks pretty too. I told her, "You've got a lovely dress!"
Now I've got to share my yee yee with Uncle Danny...
But Kong Kong and Nana are very happy to have a new addition to the family.

See how happy Yee Yee is...

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  1. joe is so cute! hehe....
    was he carrying the real wedding rings on the pillow? since he turned the pillow upside down, the rings could have fallen out! hehehe.... cute la....