Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Delta & Korean Air gives bad end to wonderful holiday

After 18 wonderful days in Hawaii, we got on the airport shuttle bus to make our way to Honolulu Airport for our long flight back home. was a good holiday!

Joe was happy to ride the bus again while Joy-Anne napped on Yee Yee.

At the airport we had a long time to say our goodbyes because the lady at the check-in counter couldn't find Joy-Anne's name in their system.

I can't get on the plane???

I also discovered that the seats we were assigned for the Seoul-KL flight were not bulkhead row seats i.e. no bassinet. After an hour of hassle, we finally got everything in order.

honi honi yee teow

honi honi yee yee.

Honi honi means kiss in the hawaiian language. We learnt that at the luau. So after all that honi honi, we took a long walk to the gate through the non-air-conditioned airport.

We flew Delta (code share with Korean Air). I picked this flight because it was had the least connections with the shortest transit time - only 75minutes in Seoul.

Excellence, my foot! When we got on board, Joe asked, "where's the tv?"

I had checked their website earlier and they boast personal AVOD (audio video on demand).

When the stewardess passed out headsets, I asked her where the tv was. Thinking I didn't know what the headset was for, the stewardess told me, "for tv". Duhh....what kind of idiot do you think I am? Of course I know it's for the tv. So I asked her again where it was, thinking that maybe the have it hidden in some hi-tech slot. And she pointed me to the huge screen in front.

It was gonna be a long boring flight. But the horror of horrors was when they started serving meals. I was surprised they did not serve Joe first since it's regular practice to feed the kids first.

Guess what? They did not have Joe on their list. The stewardess told me I had to request earlier. She also said Joy's baby meal was a late request. I was hopping mad by then. Again and again I had to explain (because the korean crew can't speak proper english) that I had made the requests when I purchased my tickets in March, confirmed again in June and again on Wednesday 6th August. All they did was say sorry. Too bad.

So there was no kids meal for Joseph. And their meal options for adults....? Beef with rice or beef with noodles. What if I have gout and can't take beef?

Joe ended up eating a few mouth full of white rice with butter. On the second flight, he slept 6 out of 7 hours and ate nothing.

no plate.

In comparison, our outbound flight on MAS and ANA was fantastic. They gave out cool kids toys, colour pencils and activity sheets. Joe kept himself occupied watching Bob the Builder and A Bug's Life. He also had special kids meal, served first.

doing my big business at 40000ft...shh...don't let others know.

So Joe kept himself occupied climbing up and down.

To make matters worse, Joy developed a face rash. Probably allergic to either the blanket or the wipes given out by the stewardess.

Sigh....caring indeed. I will certainly not be flying Korean Air anymore in the future.

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